5 Things To Do Differently About Your Product’s UX

Does it better will always beat did it first.


- 创造经典

- 专注于关键体验

- 给更少的选择

- 不要盲目模仿

- 每个功能都有意义

讲了一个故事来描述 UX under stress moments,以及好的体验的重要性。

Whenever you see big companies doing something, and they are successful...


Are breadcrumbs still fresh for UX?

And yet despite these changes and new challenges over the years, the job of the UX designer has remained the same: Present information in an easy-to-find, easy-to-consume way.




What I learnt from 30 ideas in 30 days


After all, getting started is more important than being right (link) and I’ve got the time to learn from potential failures. 


By asking “what if it were easier” it enables you to get rid of any preconceptions or biased...


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Designing for Working Memory

通过Working Memory来讲述设计的一大原则——简化操作。

Essentially, working memory is what processes information, the information that’s stored temporarily in our short term memory and more permanently in our...


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